Tips for Renting a Moving Truck

Tips for Renting a Moving Truck

Part of moving is often times dependent on being able to rent a truck to move your items. Truck rentals are available for in-town or one-way moves and most rental providers offer vehicles in varying sizes to suit your needs. Here are some tips to help make your truck rental process a smooth one.


1. Research truck sizes

In most cases you will be paying a flat fee + mileage, make sure you take the time to research the appropriate truck size can help save you money (by avoiding several trips). Or, over spending by getting a truck that is bigger than what is actually needed. Also, if you plan to store some of your belonging in storage, make sure you check with your facility regarding what types of truck sizes they can accommodate (some truck sizes will not fit through the gates or isles).


2. Research moving insurance

Moving truck rental companies may offer different forms of insurance coverage for the vehicle during your move. Although not always necessary, make sure you understand what insurance is offered and what is covered. The saying always goes, you dont need insurance until you actually need it.


3. Get the best rental rates

Depending on the rental company, they may charge by the day, weekend or week. Ask what the rates will be for several different dates. Renting a truck during the week is always cheaper than on the weekend. Also, be realistic with how long your move will take and compare it to the cost of renting for an extra day. In most cases, you won’t be charged for extra days if you turn the vehicle in early.


4. Rent a moving truck you can drive

With the wide variety of sizes of moving or cargo trucks available, it’s important to consider if you’ll be able to safely drive the vehicle you rent. Before signing a rental agreement, sit in the drivers’ seat to make sure you’re comfortable with the size of the vehicle. Many but not all moving truck rentals feature automatic transmissions, but it’s always a good idea to check and be sure before renting. If you’ve rented a larger moving truck, take the time to practice and get comfortable maneuvering it in an empty parking lot or a secluded area before packing your belongings.


5. Use moving equipment

Not all moving or cargo trucks offer the same features. If you’re moving a large number of heavy items like furniture or other furnishings, a loading ramp or powered lift gate can be well worth the extra expense by making your move easier and less physically demanding. A hand truck is another option that can make a move easier.


6. Check the moving truck before signing the rental agreement

Most rental providers will conduct a walkthrough and inspection of the vehicle prior to finalizing the rental agreement. The inspection should include checking the existing damage, interior and exterior, as well as the tires, windshield glass and other features. Note any damage, even if relatively minor, to ensure you won’t be charged for damage you didn’t cause. Also, make sure the gas guage is accurate with what is shown on the rental agreement. There is nothing worse than having to pay for someone elses gas (if for example your agreement shows a full tank and the truck is actually only a quarter of a tank full).


7. Clean the truck before returning

Before you drop off the truck, make sure you’ve adequately cleaned or swept out the cargo hold as well as the cab interior. Doing so will help avoid incurring any additional “clean up” fees. Also, make sure you are returning the truck with the same amount of fuel as you had when you left the lot (most rental companies will charge additional fees for refueling). Save money and refuel before returning.



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