Choosing a Lock for Your Storage Unit

Choosing a Lock for Your Storage Unit

One of the most important aspects from a security stand-point are insuring you pick the correct lock for your self storage unit. So which lock should you use to secure your storage unit? You may think you can bring in a padlock you used on your storage shed at home to save money. However, this would be a huge mistake. Keep in mind, your lock is your last defense against intruders and having a weak lock, can almost certainly target your unit for intrusion.  With that being said,  let’s go over some of the most common locks on the market, along with our recommendation for whether or not the lock is suitable for securing your self storage unit.


The Keyless Lock.
The name means just that, no key exists. Instead of using a key to open and close the lock, you will either punch in a series of numbers or dial a combination. Although these locks might seem convenient (without a key), the disadvantages far outweigh the advantages. For starters, an intruder can guess the code or hack into the lock. Next, these locks can be easily cut open with bolt cutters (in a matter of seconds).

Our Recommendation: Never use this type of lock to secure your storage unit (under any circumstances).


The Padlock.
Padlocks are also called cylinder locks, because pins inside the cylinder are manipulated to a specific position so the key that is cut to fit the lock can open the lock. You will typically see these types of locks on outdoor sheds, lockers ..ect.  Usually the cheapest locks, these locks can be easily picked by burglars and even the most durable padlocks (marked as heavy duty) can be easily cut with a pair of bolt cutters.

Our Recommendation: Although a better option compared to the keyless lock. We only recommend using a padlock as a last resort (or temporary solution). Never use a padlock as a long term solution for securing your storage unit.


The Disc Lock.
Disc locks were developed specifically for self storage facilities and are recommended across the industry. Most importantly, unlike the other two lock types we have covered, Disc Locks are VERY difficult to remove using bolt cutters. The hasp (which is the “U” shaped part of a padlock) is designed in such a way that it cannot be reached with bolt cutters (usually requiring a grinder). In other words, removing this lock from your unit (without a key) can be rather difficult. Although not a guarantee to keep intruders away (because if someone really wants to get into your unit, they will), having a disc lock will at least avoid your unit from becoming an easy target.

Our Recommendation: Having a disc lock for your self storage unit is a must (highly recommended) and worth spending the extra few bucks to properly secure your storage unit.


Choosing a lock for your storage unit might seem like a simple step; just buy a lock and you are good to go. However, as you have now read (specifically for self storage), all locks are not created equal. Hopefully you have found this article useful and if you ever have any questions about securing your storage unit, please do not hesitate to ask. Seven Hills Self Storage is always happy to assist.


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