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When Storing, consider flooding and other natural hazards.

Even your most secure self storage facilities (Like Seven Hills Self Storage) can be at the mercy of the elements. Here are some tips to help avoid disaster (should flooding or natural hazards occur) at your facility.


1.) If the building has multiple stories, a higher floor should be safer from flooding than a lower one. You can also help protect your possessions by elevating them on wooden pallets and covering them with plastic sheeting.


2.) Depending on where you live, a climate-controlled storage space could be worth the extra expense. It can protect your contents from temperature extremes and excess humidity, which can lead to mold and other damage.


3.) Fire is another potential concern, whether caused by arson, the improper storage of flammable materials or a natural event like lightning. It may be impossible to prevent entirely, but a building made of fire-resistant materials is likely to burn less quickly, giving firefighters more time to contain the damage before it reaches your space. A sprinkler system can help, too, although malfunctioning sprinklers have been known to cause damage of their own.


As if the above three items are not enough to worry about, there are rodents and insects to consider. Look for clues of rodents or insects taking up residence and find out what the facility does to keep pests under control. Last but not least, if you do not have insurance on your belongings, get insurance and make sure you understand what is covered and what is not covered under your insurance policy. For example, not all insurance policies will protect your belongings from water or rodent damage.


Self Storage Hazards