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Tips for Finding The Best Self Storage Facillity

Whether you are looking to store short term or long term, finding the wrong self storage facility to store your belongings can be a nightmare. Here are some tips (if followed) that will help insure you are storing with the right self storage facility.


1. Don’t get stuck on the location. Although it might be tempting to only look for self storage facilities closest to you. It is very important you do not limit your options to location. After all, wouldn’t you rather drive or walk an extra 10 minutes to store your belongings in a nicer, more secure location?


2. Check reviews. Look up the self storage facility on Google Places and Yelp. What type of feed-back are current tenants leaving? Keep in mind reviews should always be taken with a grain of salt, however it is important to consider what past tenants have written about the business (especially if negative).


3. Compare gate and office hours.  Gate hours are the hours in which you can access your storage unit, where office hours (usually shorter) are when you can speak to a manager. Keep in mind, if you have a problem or need to speak to someone, you’ll only be able to address your issues during office hours (not access hours). Once you have confirmed the hours, are the hours convenient for you? If your storage facility closes at 5pm on weekends, and you are only available from 6pm-8pm on weekends, you may want to find a different self storage facility.


4. Don’t always look for the cheapest self storage facility. Although affordability is important, try to keep your short list to those within your price range vs simply selecting three of the cheapest self storage facilities.


5. Ask if there are any rental specials or discounts available. Although this should not be a deal breaker (especially if you find a facility that meets all of your needs). If you can save some money, why not? You will usually find that most self storage facilities have some type of introductory offer, so it is always a good idea to ask.


6. Ask the property manager if you can see the unit you would actually get. Some self storage facilities will only show you a “display” unit, while renting you a unit that is not the same quality as the unit you were initially showed.



7. Find out what happens if you miss or are late on a payment. Even if you always pay your bills on time, it is always important to know the terms of your lease. Most (if not all self storage facilities) will charge you a late fee for being late, along with denying you access to your unit after X amount of days. Auction occurring after X amount of days being past due. Learn the terms of your lease and make sure you understand the terms of your lease 100%.


8. Ask about security. Have there been any recent break-ins? If so, what is the facility doing about them? More importantly, take a look around, does the facility look clean, well maintained? If no, I would not count on security being a top priority.


Last but not least, make sure the staff is friendly and professional. The onsite staff are the only ones you will be able to contact if you have questions about your unit or need assistance. We hope you have found this article useful and if you ever have questions about storing in Anderson, California. Do not hesitate to contact Seven Hills Self Storage!

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